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Working out with Keaira LaShae is going to get you the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamt about! Keaira’s MOVE is bringing you fitness exercises that are fun, exciting and best of all, beneficial. In her new digital gym, you’re going to build cardiovascular endurance, strength and muscle, while also boosting brainpower and melting your stress away! New MOVE workouts are added monthly and feature our now famous MOVE Monthly Challenge also updated every month.

Keaira LaShae also takes clean eating seriously and she has over 10 years of experience to prove it! As a licensed nutritionist and AFAA certified fitness trainer, Keaira is well versed in nutrition. When you become a member of MOVE, in addition to quality workouts and our famous MOVE Monthly Challenges, you’ll also receive exclusive nutritional tips, cooking secrets and healthy recipes. We have easy to follow recipe videos and written recipes to get you on your way to a healthy lifestyle and give you the energy you need to get you through your day.

MOVE finally provides our members with a supportive community and check-ins from Keaira personally on members’ progress. New features are added all the time as the community grows with member feedback. Our members love their new bodies and we love seeing their impressive progress on the journey to great health.

The Benefits

Nutrition Benefits

  • All recipes are exclusive to MOVE
  • Video tutorials with cooking tips
  • Written recipes from Keaira’s Kitchen
  • The Smoothie 10 Day Challenge
  • Member reviews and commentary
  • Vegan recipes and substitutions

Workout Benefits

  • All workouts are exclusively here at MOVE
  • New workouts are added monthly
  • The MOVE Monthly Challenge. updated monthly
  • Workout span beginners through advanced
  • Meditations and Affirmations for mind/body connection
  • Dance Tutorials for routines sure to impress

Community Benefits

  • An exclusive, supportive community for members
  • Keaira oversees community discussion and comments
  • An exclusive MOVE store, with member discounts
  • New features for members added continuously
  • Safe, secure payment processing

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