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Working out with Keaira LaShae is going to get you the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamt about! Keaira’s Superhero Fit Club is bringing you fitness exercises that are fun, exciting and best of all beneficial. In her new digital gym, you’re going to build cardiovascular endurance, strength and muscle, while also boosting brainpower and melting your stress away!

With Keaira’s Twerk & Tone, Kickboxing Camp and Dance Party segments, you’ll be providing your body physical fitness routines that’ll help you reach your goals. Are you ready to be MOVE Fit?!


Kickbox Camp

If you’re looking to add an extreme cardio burst into your workout routine, Keaira LaShae’s Kickbox Camp is exactly what you need. In this workout series, you’ll improve your endurance, tone your muscles and take your cardiovascular fitness to another level. Keaira’s Kickbox Camp provides a fun fusion of dance and martial arts that you simply cannot pass up. Get ready to challenge your body with kicks, punches and amazing toning exercises!

Dance Party

We all want to be good dancers, right? Better yet, why not be good dancers who are fit and can twerk their butts off?! Dance party 2 pic 600 by 400Oh, the possibilities! In Keaira LaShae’s Dance Party workout series, you’ll not only learn super sexy dance moves, but you’ll also get in shape. Keaira takes the guesswork out of burning calories, and also gets you ready to battle it out at the next party you attend. Let’s dance our way into a healthy lifestyle!

Super Twerk 600 by 400Twerk & Tone

Do you like to dance? Do you like fitness? And most importantly, do you like to shake your booty like there’s no tomorrow? If this sounds like you, then Keaira LaShae has the perfect workout for you! Keaira’s body-rocking Twerk & Tone workout series is designed to not only teach you how to twerk, but also help you tone your body. In this series, you’ll have a strong focus on your lower body and abs. With the mix of cardio and strength training, you’ll burn lots of calories and learn how to make your booty move in ways you never thought possible!

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